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At South West PV Services, we understand the importance of protecting both the environment and your investment in solar PV. That's why we take bird protection seriously.

Birds can cause damage to solar panels by nesting underneath them. Not only does this create a fire hazard, and cause damage to cables and connectors, but it can also block airflow and lead to overheating, reducing the efficiency of your panels. Alongside this, the organic matter brought in by birds can cause premature ageing of your roof covering, leading to leaks and damp issues.

That's why we take preventative measures to protect your solar panels from nesting birds. We offer multiple products to prevent birds from getting under your panels, including a Solar mesh system, and Solar skirt systems for the sleekest of arrays.

By protecting your solar panels from nesting birds, you can rest assured that your investment in clean energy is safe and secure. At South West PV, we are committed to providing solar PV services that are not only good for the environment but also protect your investment.

Bird Protection

Solar Mesh

Solar Mesh is a proprietary laser welded mesh, secured with trademarked Solar Clips. These secure to the frame of the solar panel, providing a neat, strong fixing, that importantly does not pierce the frame of the panel and does not impact the warranty of your solar panels or mounting system. (We unfortunately see many installations where the installer has screwed a cheap mesh into the frame of the solar panels, voiding any warranty!) 

We offer both the bare mesh system, and a black pvc coated mesh.

Solar Skirt

For those who want a sleeker, more seamless design for their solar array, solar skirt is for you.
Made up of durable powder coated aluminium plates, this system clamps directly to the frame of the solar panel. Similarly to the mesh alternative, this means no fixing into the panel or frame, and no voiding of warranty. 

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